L Paperwork


Zürich 2020


PAPERWORK begins with a first exhibition in a former construction factory in Manegg, a district of Zurich


Tavolozza per artista: Opera II, 2005. Palette for artist, abstracts the process of painting into a new objectified form. © Antonio Monaci

Kuratiert von Marco Fedele di Catrano und Nathalie Diserens

Adam Thompson · Alessandro Piangiamore · Angela Marzullo · Antonio Monaci · Aurélien Gamboni · Barbara Davi · Barbara Signer · Bernd Trasberger · Bettina Diel · Claudia Kübler · Clio Newton · Costa Vece · David Knuckey · Donatella Spaziani · Elza Sile · Emanuela Moretti · Erich Weiss · Esther Kempf · Filib Schürmann · Florence Jung · Franz Kapfer · Giampaolo Russo · Giancarlo Norese · Gianluca Trifilo · Ilona Ruegg · Jiajia Zhang · Jimmie Durham · Katrin Hotz · Kilian Rüthemann · Kostas Bassanos · Laura Jurt · Luc Mattenberger · Maya Lama · Marco Fedele di Catrano · Mickry3 · Milenko Lazic · Milva Stutz · Miriam Sturzenegger · Mirjam Blanka Inauen · Nathalie Diserens · Nicoletta Wartmann · Nils Nova · Paloma Ayala · Patric Sandri · Raphael Stucky · Roman Gysin · Roman Maeder · Schumacher/Clavadetscher · Sebastian Krähenbühl · Stefano Benini · Thea Kuta/Habib Afsar/Michael ‹Koko› Eberli · Tobias Berndt · Tom Menzi · u/n multitude · Valentina Pini · Valentin Egli · Vela Arbutina · Vivianne Tat · William Lamson · Yves Sablonier

Demolished industrial buildings, which were mainly dedicated to paper production, make room for imposing residential complexes.
A standard pallet of 6290 sheets of Amber Volume Paper (90 g) in 1020 x 720 mm format marks the starting point of the PAPERWORK project. The path of the paper on the pallet exemplifies the transformation process from an industrial society to a digital service society, in which industrially manufactured products lose their value.
PAPERWORK is a collective term that is used grammatically in the singular, but at the same time refers to the numerous and repetitive. The word evokes several levels of meaning, it touches on bureaucracy, becomes political, emphasizes serial work in reference to the material or disappears in the ephemeral.